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Masari, Inc.
Mortgage Division
600 W. Santa Ana Blvd, Suite 525
Santa Ana, CA 92701


Loans based on your receivables on your receivables

Please read and complete the online portion of our Business application. Remember to fill the form out completely, as the application will not be submitted if any of the required fields (designated with a bullet) are left blank.

Questions Call us at 1-714-210-3979 from 9 AM - 6 PM PST.

 Section 1. Personal Information
  •tica, sans-serif" size="1">Indicates required field
First Name Last Name
Primary E-Mail Secondary E-Mail
Mailing Address Apt./Suite No.
City Zip/Postal
Phone Number Fax Number
Years Self-Employed

 Section 2. Business Information
  Fill in the following fields wherever they apply to you. Fill in the business address if different from the above address.
Business Name Business URL
Business Address Suite/Floor  
City State Zip/Postal Code
Phone Number Fax Number
Tax ID Number
(if corp. or LLC)
State of

Business Type (choose one):
Proprietor LLC Corporation Partnership

Services/Products Business Offers
Total Sales Last
Fiscal Year
Current Monthly
Sales Volume
Sales Volume
For the next 2 fields, list a dollar figure, or range, if you prefer.
Average Invoice
Dollar Amount
Average number of invoices that you plan to send through Masari, Inc. per month, if any 

Do you contract directly with the company you invoice, or is there another party involved (e.g., a broker, agent, or partner)?
Always directly
Sometimes another party is involved
(if so, explain below)

When do you bill for your work (e.g., end of the project, progress billing, weekly, monthly, up-front, etc.)?

Section 3. Professional Information
Your Profession Years in Profession

Professional References

List three people who have used your services or purchased your products.

1. First Name Last Name
  Company Name Phone Number (with area code)
2. First Name Last Name
  Company Name Phone Number
3. First Name Last Name
  Company Name Phone Number

Section 4. Invoice Submission Information
  List the names of the companies that you anticipate billing. This is not a binding list; it's intended to help us understand your business and the companies you serve.
1. Company Name
How Often Invoiced (approximately)   Average Invoice Amount
  Invoice Payment Terms (e.g., net 30, net 60, etc.)
  Special Invoice Payment Conditions
(e.g., payable upon publication, payment contingent on
payment from another party, etc.)
2. Company Name
How Often Invoiced   Average Invoice Amount
  Invoice Payment Terms
  Special Invoice Payment Conditions
3. Company Name
How Often Invoiced   Average Invoice Amount
  Invoice Payment Terms
  Special Invoice Payment Conditions

How did you hear about Masari, Inc?

A Masari, Inc. agent or employee told me.
A member told me about it. Name:
I discovered it while visiting another site.
I received a by mail in .
I read about it in .
I clicked on a link that I saw on .
I have no idea how I know about it — I was just surfing the Web.

Section 6. Credit Release Form*
Credit Release Agreement
I authorize Masari, Inc. to check my personal credit report. I understand that Masari, Inc. will not share this information with any individual or company. The information from the report will be used for internal purposes only.
Yes. I authorize Masari, Inc. to review my personal credit report.
Social Security Number
If you would rather not submit your Social Security Number on line, we offer two alternatives: 1. Call us at 714-210-3979 (9am to 6pm PST).
Ask for our Business Loan Manager, and he can take your information over the phone. ke your information over the phone.

2. Download our Credit Release Form.
After clicking the submit button below, you will receive an email acknowleging receipt of your application. Attached to the email will be a PDF of our credit release form that you can download, print, complete and fax back to us. (fax cover sheet provided)

* We check the credit of all applicants. If you are applying as a firm, we require the personal credit information of a principal, preferably the same principal mentioned in Section 1. The credit of a prospective member is considered with equal weight along with references, general information, and potential clients. Poor credit does not always result in a declined membership.

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