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Financial Planning

Financial planning is essential for your success. A financial plan does more than help you seek financing or capital from your bank. With an effective financial plan, you can manage your business' growth better. By clearly defining your direction and tracking your progress against your plan, you can:

  • adapt to changes ;
  • correct your projections or modify your processes ;
  • foresee problems before they arise ;
  • evaluate risks and potential profits, and ;
  • choose the best strategies to keep your business growing profitably.

Benefits may include:

  • Accurate, professional documentation when seeking financing ;
  • Realistic assessment of sales targets ;
  • Costs and profits estimating ;
  • A tangible road map to your success ;
  • Outline of the financing you require, and when ;
  • Increased ability to foresee uncertainties and plan for them.


1.  For Start-ups

  • Any start-up business (from 0 to 1 year of operation) ;
  • Start-up financing packages.

2.  Construction / Refinancing / etc.
Businesses seeking financing or capital investments for their expansion plans (for example, construction or acquisition of premises, upgrading or purchasing new equipment, refinancing, working capital...)

What's Included

With our financial planning advisor and comprehensive tools, you and your accountant will be able to create an effective financial plan that will help you:

  • Determine when you can expect your start-up business to be profitable ;
  • keep your growth managed and sustained ;
  • Measure your progress and adapt as necessary ;
  • Assess the amount of investment or financing needed ;
  • Meet your short and long-term obligations.

The financial plan includes:

Personal Status
Detail of your personal financial situation, which will help you answer questions such as:

  • How much can and should you personally invest in your company?
  • Will a mortgage or personal loan be necessary?
  • What, realistically, should your monthly salary be?

Income Statement
Your income statement includes your sales forecasts, costs of goods sold, fixed and variable expenses (salaries, advertising, rent, interest expenses), and profit. It is recommended to prepare 3 scenarios: pessimistic, optimistic, and probable. This helps you and your financial institution accurately assess the risk to your business and your opportunities for success.

Break-even Analysis
An ideal tool to identify risks and possibilities, it shows where your business has to be just to break even. For example, how close to maximum capacity of operation will you have to be? What sales will be necessary? When will you achieve this point? What factors, if changed, will have the greatest impact on your profitability?

Cash Flow Budget
Using the previous information and the different scenarios, you can create an accurate picture of your what your monthly financial needs will be.

Masari, Inc. also offers consulting services for creating effective business plans, and its unique management coaching program provides you your own experienced business consultant.

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