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Management Coaching

As a business grows, most entrepreneurs find themselves in a constant learning process overseeing more and more functions, some of them unfamiliar. Sometimes, hiring an experienced business advisor can be their best investment. Our Management Coaching program offers the advantages of a professional consultant with the benefit of a coach whose goal is to transfer knowledge and know-how to you and your management team. Many businesses use this service to set up a permanent Advisory committee to provide on-going and objective support.

Benefits may include:

  • An experienced business advisor who concentrates on your business' key needs ;
  • Development of and support for an effective operational plan ;
  • Professional backing & support no more "doing it alone" ;
  • Increased cohesion between management team, external consultants, and advisors ;
  • Increased opportunities for knowledge exchange ;
  • Smoother operations, increased cooperation & coordination, harmonized decision-making processes.


  • Set-up of management structure: advisory committee, board of directors ;
  • One-on-one coaching for business owners or other executives ;
  • Targeted management support: start-ups, strategic planning, human resources management, succession planning.

Is Management Coaching for you?

Management Coaching is recommended to companies whose growth has put a strain on internal management resources. It may also help companies preparing for rapid growth, new markets, or exporting that need to implement solid support for its management team. Our business advisor can help identify your needs and determine if a our Management Coach can be part of your management solution to help you achieve your objectives.

Masari, Inc. also offers consulting services for creating effective business plans, and its unique financial planning program provides you your own experienced business consultant.

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