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On-Line Financial Analyses
The home buying and selling process has traditionally been a source of significant stress for all parties involved. But our Professional Series of financial analyses and reports arm you with the accurate, detailed information required to give everyone the comfort and peace of mind needed to enjoy the home-buying process.

We offer the following detailed, comprehensive analyses absolutely free of charge to ensure the most professional service. Take advantage of them.

                           Pre-Qualification to Income Property

The Pre-Qualification Analysis calculates anticipated costs and requirement for a buyer to purchase a specific home, and illustrates exactly how much home an individual can afford. Get this free analysis before you begin a home search and before a contract is presented or accepted for the purchase of a home.

                              Mortgage Calculator

The Mortgage Calculator  calculates just how much that new house is going to cost you each month. Get this free analysis before a contract is presented or accepted for the purchase of a home. 

                           Consolidate Debt into House Payments

The Debt Consolidation Analysis shows a borrower the true impact of consolidating payments into a single loan.  Prospective borrowers might be able to pay one monthly payment that is smaller than the sum of your current monthly payments . Copies of the free analysis should be available for every prospective borrower looking to refinance their home.


                  Rent vs. Own Analysis

The Rent vs Own Analysis shows a buyer the true economic impact of home ownership. The effects of inflation, appreciation, tax deductions, and investment alternatives are all included. Every prospective buyer currently renting should know the financial impact of home ownership.

                          Bi-Weekly Payoff Analysis

The Bi-weekly Payoff Analysis will illustrate how much savigs are possible if 1/2 of the mortgage payment is made every two weeks instead of making a full mortgage payment once a month. In effect, the borrower is making one extra mortgage payment per year.  Without hardly noticing the additional cash outflow the borrower will certainly notice the increased cash flow that will occur when paying off the mortgage way ahead of schedule.  Get this free analysis for any owner of properties.

                           Refinance Breakeven Analysis

The Refinance Breakeven Analysis determines both the costs and benefits of refinancing an existing mortgage. Get this free analysis if you are considering refinancing your mortgage to reduce your rate, remove equity, or to change your loan term or type.


                          Mortgage Pre-Payment Analysis

The Mortgage Pre-Payment Analysis allows you to determine both the interest you'll save, and the speed at which you'll retire your existing mortgage by pre-paying the principle. This free analysis will show you how even pre-paying as little as $200 per month could save you $100,000 in interest over the life of your loan.

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