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Branch Opportunities

You have worked hard for it, now keep it.  Are you tired of paying someone 50% for something they did not even help you on?  Want to start your own brokerage, but the cost of licenses, back office support, administration, research and setup holding you back? Well now you can step out on your own and focus on doing what you do best......SELLING!!!! 

We will work with you to be profitable. We will treat you like a person, not a profit center.  We will respect you.  We are not the largest lender out there.  Other programs out there would offer you the same services as we do for the same price or slightly more, however you would just be one of a thousand LO's that they try to support.  We are looking to add 10 quality remote branches, and that's it.  We are not trying to be a big company, just trying to grow our family.

The common denominator among successful mortgage professionals is their ability to focus on productivity, without getting bogged down in the operational side of running a mortgage company.

Masari, Inc. has carved a niche in the residential mortgage lending business:

We provide a complete solution for your mortgage lending operation:

  • Multi-channeled automated underwriting systems
  • Full-delegated brokerage status with the top U.S. correspondent lenders
  • California licensing
  • A team of seasoned professionals to support you in backroom operations

The mortgage industry defines this business model as a "net branch business arrangement."

As you learn more about this unique business opportunity, you will see that itís much more than the typical net branch concept.

Click here to request a net branch packet.

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