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Masari, Inc.
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"Our commitment to excellence and superior customer service is helping homeowners realize the American Dream every day. We can help you too." 


Apply for a Mortgage Loan
Being well-prepared during your loan application is essential. Making sure that you have all the necessary information with you when you apply will save you time and guarantee a smooth process.

We recommend that you print and complete (as much as possible) the Residential Mortgage Loan Application and returned with the following information:

Salaried Borrowers Self-Employed Borrowers
Copy of ratified sales contract
Previous 2 year's tax returns
Previous 2 year's W-2's
Most recent pay stub
Previous 3 bank statements
Copy of ratified sales contract
Previous 2 year's tax returns
Year-to-date P&L statement
Business license
Previous 3 bank statements



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